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Friday, October 31, 2008


My website have officially moved to!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sunday, August 10, 2008


How we wish we could turn back time,
And make it yesterday.
To correct all our mistakes,
To take steps that we didn’t,
To make things different.
I want
But I couldn’t.

Time flies,
Time waits for no man,
We need more time to recover
Time to grow up,
Time to let go,
Time to change and
Time to stand up


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Never satisfied.

How do I own a rainbow?
How do I hug summer's wind?
What if I fell in love with your smile,
How should I own it?
How should I keep it?
I can't stop thinking about you all the time
When will your voice fade away in my mind?
I miss u...


Friday, July 11, 2008

Dear friend

I knew that you will become someone like this one day since the day I cry for you...
and I didn't know that day was coming so soon...

I hope that you are reading this,
some of your actions and behaviour have been somehow unreasonable and made everyone worried sick about it...
I could understand that you want to develop a very good relationship with God and I'm not saying that it's not good.
It is just that you are trying so hard to cope with everything, and nothing goes in the way you expect it to be.

Most of the things in life to my view right now that you should give more priority on were neglected.
I suppose your parents will have the same thought as mine, that we still want you to put your best effort on studies.
And I know that you want to maitain the relationship with your family members, your parents might never understand the situation that you are in right now.

The burden that you are carrying is killing you and your life.
Your physical and mental condition is pulling you down from doing a lot of great things.

You were a different person to me
since the moment you have a different perception to brain or beauty.
You might think that it's silly however that simple little question have changed the way I view you.

You have grow more spiritually,
I'm not trying to judge you or anyone,
but I hope that you could think about it and try to take a step down.
Despite all this, I will always be here to support all your decissions.

Your sincerely,


Thursday, May 8, 2008

Silly billy week...

I was surprised that my mom called me the other day.. she was suppose to be in a retreat at some ulu mountain for a year it's 1 of the places where u can't get any connection with the outside world. Well.. she called and i almost broke down to tears. On the phone, i pleaded her to let me go back to malaysia... it was silly! I miss home.. It always happens to me that I will only start appreciating things once I lost it.. argh... such a bad habit..

Two weeks ago, I had my mid semester break yes i know, time past so fast! I dreaded the exams which were coming up just after the holidays.. wish that I have spend more time on it. However, it turned out to be pretty easy.. it was all in the form of multiple choice questions.. like doing work in kindi.. so much easier than A-levels.. NOW.. i wonder how did i got through the years in High school and college for the past 4 years... *it was super tough! I would praised myself because I survived! hehe....

Eventhough it's been fairly easy to pass my exams due to less competition between students compared to that in Melbourne. However, I'm not going to put myself to ease as I'm NOT here to just PASS my exams only! I'm here to EXCEL! There's no point of going to uni if students think that studying is just in order to get a degree as a permit to work. I found that life in uni is fun, and the topics that they taught were so informative and interesting!

Arhahah... after such a looong week in uni, I plan to reward myself, heheh... me, my roommate, and my housemate had sign up for a trip to Barossa valley. It consists of more than 60 wineries, and known to be the best place in South Australia to get some good wine.

I will rapped up with some of my silly photos dedicated to my silly cousin taken in front of the laptop on the floor next to my table after such a looong stressful week.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008


annoying housemates..... argh....
I can't be bother how you feel right now...
Get lost... Go AWAY!
DON'T give me any of ur EVIL NEGATIVE ENERGY!